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Keren Or boasts a world-class hydrotherapy center, and a skilled team of therapists who specialize in treating children with visual impairments and profound disabilities.  

Hydrotherapy has many benefits specifically for blind children:

Boy and therapist in the hydrotherapy pool

Trust and self-confidence 

Water helps define space and build trust as it envelopes those who cannot see their surroundings. Many children actually learn to swim independently as their fear and hesitation are replaced by the confidence necessary for navigating the pool unassisted. The pool presents a wondrous experience that cannot be replicated in other settings.

Support and stability 

Water increases muscle control which makes it easier for students to straighten their legs and learn to roll over, crawl, walk, navigate stairs, sit and stand.  The water’s warmth and natural buoyancy also impact muscle tone, yielding stronger and longer muscles and improved flexibility. Thanks to hydrotherapy, many children who use wheelchairs have begun to take a few steps, and others, who walked with assistance, have learned to walk unaided.

Simple enjoyment  

Although it is serious work, hydrotherapy is pure pleasure for many of our students. The relaxed atmosphere and close bonds that are formed with the therapists encourage social engagement which is often unavailable to these students in their daily lives.  To see a child happily moving his arms and legs in the pool after he has spent hours in a wheelchair is heartwarming.

Boy in hydrotherpay session
Little girl in the hydrotherapy pool

Communication and mouth control  

Aquatic therapy – a specialized form of hydrotherapy – builds on the capacity of water to strengthen the muscles that control chewing, swallowing, and vocalizing. 

Little boy having hydrotherapy


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