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Three children and 2 therpaists playing the xylophone

Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of individuals that believe in the power of Keren Or. The members take a leadership role in both the Center and the New York operations. We are grateful for their generosity and time.  Please contact us if you want to find out about joining this dedicated team.

  •  Eliot Lauer, Chair

  •  Steven Rothschild, VP

  •  Jack Gross, Treasurer

  •  Marilyn Lauer, Chair of Women’s Division

  •  Dr. David Breslauer

  •  Laura Eisenberg

  •  Steven Grill

  •  Albert Hasan

  •  Jeffrey Hochberg

  •  Maurice Hornblass

  •  Joshua Levine

  •  Benjamin Lopata

  •  Jacob Morris

  •  Jeffrey Parker

  •  Joshua Rosman

  •  Jacques Semmelman

  •  Barry Shrage

  •  Howard Usher

  •  Ester Wolf

Are you interested in getting involved? We are always looking for more members to join our incredible leadership team. Click here to contact us.

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