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It’s more than a building. It’s the gift of sight. 

The new Keren Or Center

The new Keren Or Center

The Leeor & Ronee Sabbah Educational Center.

Since its inception over forty years ago, Keren Or has been a model of holistic care and innovation. In 1991, Keren Or moved to the Sabbah Educational Campus in the Ramot suburb of Jerusalem. Starting with 40 mostly ambulatory students, the population has more than doubled.  Today, Keren Or’s student population has more than doubled, and the children’s needs have become increasingly complex.  More than 95% of our students are not independently mobile, and require one-on-one assistance with the most basic activities of daily living.

Our Vision for the Future

Keren Or Center in Jerusalem

Keren Or, Jerusalem.

To accommodate the rapidly growing number of students who need our services, and their increasingly complex needs, we must: 

  • add new classrooms

  • enlarge existing classrooms

  • expand our hallways so students can comfortably ambulate

  • create storage areas for medical and therapeutic equipment

  • refurbish the bathrooms by installing adjustable beds and large, upright changing stations that preserve the privacy and dignity of our young adult students

  • redesign interiors to incorporate CVI adaptations in accordance with new research in the field of Cortical Visual Impairment

What is a CVI-adapted environment?

CVI adapted environment

Photograph courtesy of the Perkins Institute for the Blind.

More than 90% of Keren Or’s children have been diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment.  CVI is a type of visual impairment which results from damage to the visual centers of the brain, so the eyes are able to see, but the brain is not able to interpret what is being seen.  New research demonstrates that the environment can have a dramatic on a child with CVI’s ability to see.  Our CVI-adapted facility will be the first of its kind in Israel. 


The newly renovated CVI-adapted facility will have:

  • strong contrasts, and specially chosen colors and textures 

  • reduced visual clutter in furnishings, walls and floors

  • ample storage space so that additional visual clutter is reduced

  • acoustic ceilings

  • features that allow for natural light while reducing the sun’s glare

  • sensory landmarks that help students develop orientation and mobility skills  

  • multiple, readily accessible electrical outlets for students’ adaptive technology


Every architectural and design feature will be selected for its positive impact on our students’ vision, mobility and orientation.

For more information about naming and dedication opportunities, please contact Shira Reifman at

Dedication Opportunities


Therapist hugging a little boy

Become a  Partner! 

Your investment in the new Keren Or Center will ensure a brighter future for our children.  Please join us in building a facility – the very structure and design of which – will be an important part of the therapeutic process. 

For more information about naming or dedication opportunities, please contact Shira Reifman at  Thank you for turning dreams into reality.

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