Upcoming Events

Wed, Oct 28
Yaacov Agam Museum of Art
Virtual Tour of Yaacov Agam's Artwork
Our first-ever, virtual event for the Women's Division.
Tue, Nov 17
Reuven Rubin Museum
Virtual Tour of Reuven Rubin's Artwork
Our tour will be led by Carmella Rubin, curator of the museum, and daughter-in-law of the artist.
Wed, Dec 30
Nahum Gutman Museum of Art
Virtual Tour of “Lost Landscapes and Hidden Maps”
The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art is celebrating the 120th anniversary of the birth of painter, illustrator, and writer Nahum Gutman.
Wed, Jan 27
Janco Dada Museum
Virtual Tour of "Marcel Janco and the Dada Spirit in Israeli Contemporary Art"
We will be looking at an artist named, Marcel Janco. See how he "totally changed modern art."
Wed, Feb 24
Lecture of "Edward Hopper and the American Hotel”
These images of hospitality settings both challenge and expand the themes of loneliness and fragmentation usually attributed to his work.

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