Ornit Stein is the principal of Keren Or, a position she has held since 2019.  Prior to her promotion to principal, Ornit was the Assistant Principal at Keren Or for 3 years.  Throughout her tenure, Ornit has demonstrated a unique talent for managing staff and a profound understanding of our population.  

Ornit has a B.Ed. in special education, with a focus on complex disabilities, from David Yellin College, and a Masters Degree in educational counseling.  She has worked in a range of special educational settings, including Aleh, the Rehabilitative Kindergarten in Jerusalem, and the Ma’ayan School, among others. 


Ornit combines this wealth of experience with immense patience and creativity, and an uncompromising level of professionalism to ensure that every Keren Or student receives the individualized care that (s)he requires.

Ornit delights in the smile of every Keren Or child, and is passionate about helping each one reach his/her potential.  No matter what the challenge, Ornit refuses to give up, and our students and families are grateful to her for making the seemingly impossible possible. Ornit lives with her husband and five children in Gush Etzion.

Yifat Bar Yuda

Yifat Bar-Yuda is the inaugural Director of Volunteer Services at Keren Or, a position that she has held since its creation in 2017. Yifat holds a BA and a Master’s Degree in educational administration from the Hebrew University, and has extensive experience teaching and managing a wide range of educational projects.


Under Yifat’s capable leadership, Keren Or’s volunteer department has blossomed.  In addition to one-time volunteers and special projects, Yifat welcomes 70 weekly volunteers who spend 2-3 meaningful hours with our students on an ongoing basis. 


Yifat recruits the volunteers, coordinates their training, and ensures that the experience is successful and enjoyable for both the students and the volunteers.

Yifat lives with her husband and four children in Tekoa, a community known for its religious and political diversity.  Yifat is passionate about creating a strong, supportive and tolerant society, where people value difference and embrace “the other.”

Nava Gelkopf

Nava Gelkopf is the Director of Rehabilitation Services at Keren Or.  Nava is a neurodevelopmental physical therapist, a licensed accessibility specialist, and an expert in vision and mobility assessments for children with CVI. 


Nava has more than 25 years of experience caring for children with complex disabilities, coordinating services, and training staff in various rehabilitative and developmental frameworks.  She delivers workshops and lectures widely in Israel on developmental issues, preventative interventions and evaluation, and she has presented at conferences in Israel, Europe and the United States.

Nava is a graduate of Tel Aviv University, and has a Masters of Physical Therapy with a specialization in neuropediatric therapy from University College London. 

She is a member of the Movement Disorders Clinic of the Child Neurology Unit at Sha’are Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem and the Chairwoman of the Israeli Child Development and Rehabilitation Association.


Nava lives in Jerusalem with her husband.  They are the proud parents of four children, and newly minted grandparents of a beautiful grandson!

Julian Radiano

Julian Radiano is the Director of the After-School Program at Keren Or.  Julian has almost three decades of experience working with children and adolescents with unique and complex needs.  

Most recently, he ran a program through the welfare department for at-risk teens who were involved with the justice system in Israel.  He created a life-changing mission to Poland for the teens in his charge, that encouraged them to examine their role in society and their goals for themselves.


Julian has held a wide range of positions including direct field work teaching and counseling clients, as well as supervisory roles, managing professional staff in a variety of different settings.


Julian has a BA in social sciences, with a major in educational psychology.  He is also a certified nature and wilderness therapist.

Julian loves seeing the amazing Keren Or students every day.  He believes that the job of the care-takers and therapeutic staff is to give each child the best possible care by focusing on their unique needs and abilities.  Julian believes strongly that parents are our full partners, and he loves working with our parents for the benefit of our students.

Ariella Berg

Ariella Berg is a licensed clinical social worker and an integral part of the supportive therapeutic team at Keren Or.  Ariella is passionate about supporting our students and their families, and enjoys connecting with the families and staff around each student’s unique needs.


Ariella has extensive experience working with families in crisis.  During her military service, she worked as a casualty officer, accompanying bereaved families as well as soldiers who were disabled during their service, and their families.  

A graduate of Ariel University’s social work program, Ariella has worked with patients and families at Ichilov Hospital, in the Ministry of Welfare’s youth services department with adolescents with mental health issues.

Most recently, Ariella has worked at a group home for children with developmental disabilities where she provided individual therapy and case management services.  


Ariella lives in Givat Ze’ev, Jerusalem, with her husband and daughter.

Dalia Yellin-Weil

Dalia Yellin-Weil MSc. is a certified psychotherapist and rehabilitation specialist for the MDVI (Multiple Disabilities & Visual Impairments) population. She has served as the Director of Vision Rehabilitation at Keren Or School for Students with Vision Impairments and Multiple Disabilities since 2013 and has been working with children with visual impairments and additional special needs and their families since 2001.


Dalia facilitated a support group for parents of visually impaired babies at the Eliya Center from 2008-2013. She currently holds a private practice in Vision Rehabilitation and has lectured and taught in a wide variety of professional forums, including the Israel National Conference for Child Development, Leumit Healthcare Systems, The Ministry of Education, Bezalel Academy for Art and Design and David Yellin College.

Dalia's private psychotherapy practice is based in psycho-dynamic psychotherapy, family systems and EMDR,  integrated with expressive modalities-utilizing art materials, sand tray and play.  She works with adults, families and children.