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Jerusalem Center for Blind Children with Multiple Disabilities

Helping Children Reach Their Potential

At Keren Or, we believe a little light can dispel much darkness. Our goal is about getting past children’s disabilities and revealing their hopes, dreams, and possibilities.

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  • Imagine yourself as an expecting

    parent-to-be. You’re excited, nervous, and filled with hope and dreams for your soon to be son or daughter. What more can a parent want then to see their child grow and be embraced by the world around them? But what if your child comes into this world with an unfair start? What if he or she was not given the gift of vision?

  • Dina’s Story


    Dina, age four, was involved in a car accident as a two-year-old toddler.  She emerged from a coma suffering from brain damage and severe vision loss, could not walk nor communicate, and had to be fed through a tube.

  • Working Together Towards a Common Goal

    Keren Or’s innovative therapies and one-on-one approach make it a unique place, and no one understands that more than the parents who bring their children to our center.

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The Legacy of this Family

Kari Levine’s Mitzvah Project with Keren Or Jerusalem Center for the Blind with Multiple Disabilities.

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Hand Made Kere Or Thank You Cards!

What better way to send your thanks then with one of our special cards: hand made by Temple Emanu-El children in NYC as Mitzvah Projects for our Keren Or students in Jerusalem.

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Visit Us in Israel

Are you curious to see the work that our organization does from a first hand experience? If you’re visiting Israel at any point of the year, why not visit?

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charity-navigatorCharity Navigator has awarded Keren Or its highest rating of Four Stars. 93 cents of every dollar goes directly to funding the nearly 115 blind and multi-disabled children and young adults at the Keren Or Center in Jerusalem.