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We are teaming up with religious school classes, Hebrew day schools, and summer camps to create various materials to enrich the lives of our students.


Students and campers of all ages are holding Swim-a-Thon fundraisers to support the Keren Or Hydrotherapy Center. It has been very special to watch students enthusiastically soliciting pledges and exercising for this special cause.  These young students and campers are grasping the full understanding of philanthropy and helping less fortunate children, a mitzvah they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Swimming Pool

Tactile Books

Reading books is an important part of any childhood but traditional books are just not accessible for blind children. At Keren Or, we believe that all children deserve the benefits and stimulation that books offer and created our Tactile Books Program to meet this need. Tactile books tell stories and stimulate imaginations through materials that can be touched and felt.


Students and campers can use their creativity to make a story come to life with tactile art materials, while also experiencing what it means to help a less fortunate child. The books they create are used by Keren Or therapists to give our students the experience of communicating through story. Our students feel the pages and understand what it is like to “read” a book and engage with the world in a fun and motivating manner.


3D Art

Our students are all legally blind and cannot enjoy the visual aspects of art, but they can appreciate art in a physical way.  Students and campers use various materials and their creativity to craft their own pieces of 3D art. These works of art are used to create a three-dimensional mural to display at the Keren Or Center in Jerusalem!

DIY utensils for tinkering
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