Keren Or -- Jerusalem Center for Blind Children with Multiple Disabilities

Young Leadership

Keren Or Young Leadership's mission is to bring a new generation of supporters to learn about Keren Or and help make a difference in the lives of the Keren Or children. Keren Or Young Leadership is made up of a cadre of young Jewish professionals to whom the core values of tzedekah and "giving back" resonate deeply.

The Young Leadership Committee conceives and produces successful social fundraising events that are fun ways to meet and network with other young Jewish professionals, and reflect their dedication to the ideal of helping those less fortunate in Israel. Past events have included wine tasting, film screening, a social gathering, date auction, and comedy night. Recently, we held our first ever Spa Night!

If you are interested in joining the Young Leadership Committee, or would like more information about Young Leadership, please call 212-279-4070 or e-mail